#35: The Gods of Galevyn (Part 2)

Lovelace, the God of Science: As the humans continued to spread across the planet, the people of Galevyn started to feel a sense of balance. This period of peace paved the way for exploration. The goddess Lovelace emerged from this growing sense of curiosity. Lovelace provided the tools for all species to learn more about their world. She created the magics of Identification and Destruction. This allowed Galevyn researchers to break things down to their smallest components and learn their secrets. For this magic to reach its full potential, Lovelace also created a people called the Dwarves. Using her destruction magic, they were able to dig tunnels into which they built vast civilizations within the mountains.

Papugan, the God of Chaos: This new destruction magic not only inspired those seeking knowledge but also allowed those will ill intent to bring their harmful visions to life. The god Papugan emerged to stoke this chaotic nature present in all the people of Galevyn. He reveled in the destruction caused by people with evil in their hearts. He also created a new kind of wild magic that inspired a different sort of person to spread chaos across the planet simply for the sake of chaos. This empowered the people of Galevyn to stand against those the sought to disrupt the balance. By this time in the history of Galevyn, this excess of new magical energy had drawn the elves from the Fey realm to this world. Papugan despised the order the elves brought with them, but loved the gnome farmers they involuntarily relocated to the world. He embraced them as his own and created illusion magic so they could pull tricks on their elven overlords.

Wilrob, the God of the Arts: There was so much happening in Galevyn, that there were those that wished to tell its story. This desire for historical record rose around the god Wilrob. Wilrob inspired writers, musicians, actors and artists to create art inspired by the world around them. Wilrob also empowered his worshipers with the same charm magic used by the elven colonizers. This allowed them to move freely across Galevyn to observe all the important stories. Wilrob honored his worshipers by transforming them into his a new species, his chosen. The horns and tails of these Mascara allowed them to be easily recognized as artists passing through.

Christie, the Goddess of Innovation: The final Goddess of the Galevyn pantheon, Christie, became frustrated at the people studying and reporting on the oppression of the people of Galevyn that weren’t doing anything to stop it. She sought to empower the Dwarves to proactively use their knowledge to change things. While some of them were swayed by her new barrier magic that could provide a level of protection, the vast majority of Dwarves refused. They were too conditioned to study and had no desire to step into the conflict. This drove Christie to create a new species, the Roedor. The Roedor are built to seek knowledge, and additionally apply that knowledge to seek justice. Ultimately, the Roedor served as inspiration for the humans, and they flocked to the elven nation of Anglachel to find their place there. These humans eventually overpopulated the city so much that the elves were forced to return to their Fey home.


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