#32: Modern Anglachel

Modern Anglachel is the best representation of what Galevyn looked like during the elven occupation. Being the first continent to be explored and settled by the fey, the layout of the city and the architecture are of the original elven design. Anglachel is one of those places where the more things change, the more they stay the same. Anglachel is known as the largest city in all of Galevyn, as it spans the entire continent.

Anglachel’s government is that of a parliamentary democracy ruled by King Everett, the first of his name. When the elves originally returned to the Fey Realm, they chose their closest human ally to be the monarch of Anglachel. Queen Florence was the first Queen of Anglachel, and under her rule, she gathered other high-ranking nobles to create a government for this new nation. Monarchs rule as long as they live and are believed to establish a sense of consistency among the people of Anglachel. Anglachel has seen a total of six monarchs in its 200 years as an independent nation. They are Queen Florence, King Ambrose, King Barnaby, Queen Rhiannon, Queen Portia, and King Everett. 

The government of Anglachel has stood the test of time, and even though there have been some bumps along the way, such as the annexation of The Jungle of Despair as a sovereign nation for the indigenous Anglachelians, the majority of Anglachel’s citizens believe the original framers of their country had built the most equal system of government for everyone.

Anglachel is split into seven distinct districts. First of all, the rich and noble families live in Northern Anglachel. These families enjoy ample space for their manors. They have room to include plenty of amenities, including recreation facilities, gardens, and guest houses. Castle Kinsley, the royal family’s home, can also be found in Northern Anglachel.

To the east of Northern Anglachel is the Northern Anglachel business district. This district caters to the citizens of Northern Angalchel. This district houses the fanciest hotels, the most lavish restaurants, and the highest-end retail stores. The Northern Anglachel business district has been a leader in the fashion industry of Galevyn for over a century. It is also known for the Northeast End, which houses some of the most historic theaters in all of Galevyn. 

Located at the southern end of Northern Anglachel is the Northern Anglachel park. While the park is still predominantly urban, it does provide roads and benches lined with trees for the citizenry of Anglachel to experience. Many Anglachel residents have said these are the only trees they have ever seen in their life.

To the south of Northern Alglachel is Middle Anglachel. Middle Anglachel is the district that houses the middle class of the city. These are the managers, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and semi-successful creatives. Many of these individuals tend to work in the Northern Anglachel business district and provide services to the residents of Northern Anglachel. The economic disparity between the residents of Northern and Middle Anglachel are stark, but Middle Anglachelians rarely complain because they are thankful they do not have to live in The Slums.

To the west of Middle Anglachel, sitting along the Lake of Knowledge is Arcana University. Aracana University is the only center of higher learning in all of Galevyn that specifically focuses on the study of magic. The first act of Anglachel’s founders after establishing their government was to establish the university. This was because they did not want to lose the knowledge the elves had shared with them to time. There is one elf still on staff at Arcana University, Alana Zarin. Alana Zarin is the Dean of History at Arcana University and strives to preserve the history of her elven brethren. The majority of the students at Arcana University are children from families in Northern Anglachel. However, there are financial programs that make their programs accessible to everyone. Arcana University is the only place in all of Anglachel that still has green space. The lawn around Arcana University is not paved, and there are wildflowers and trees throughout the campus.

To the south of Arcana University and Middle Anglachel is the Market District. The Market District serves all citizens of Anglachel. Many residents refer to the Market District as the “great equalizer” because it is not unusual to find nobles and fishermen standing side-by-side purchasing the same product. The Anglachel Market District boasts a broad product line. There are herbs and produce gathered by the indigenous Anglachelians. There are treasures scavenged by Anglachel’s famed adventurers. Crafted goods are also sold by an array of craftsmen across Anglachel.

Speaking of the indigenous Anglachelians, to the far west of Aglachel is the border to the Jungle of Despair. The Jungle of Despair serves as the home reserved for the indigenous orcs, goblins, and humans in Anglachel. Along the border is The Slums. The Slums are home to the Anglachel’s lower class. The lower class tends to work in The Docks or the Marketplace and has the least space between residences. Many citizens of The Slums live in apartment complexes that had been built to provide more housing for the constantly growing population of The Slums.

The Dock District is far south of Anglachel, referred to by citizens simply as “The Docks.” The Docks is the export and import hub for all of Anglachel. Many believe, and it is likely true, that the Anglachel Docks are the largest in all of Galevyn. However, The Docks are more than a place of legitimate business. It is a well-known secret that The Docks is also the center for criminal activity in Anglachel. The many warehouses in The Docks ofter holds more than shipped goods. One can also find the “shadier” businesses in The Docks district, such as gambling halls, rowdy bars, and brothels.


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