#29: The Gods of Galevyn (Part 1)

Before the world of Galevyn formed, four enormous asteroids across the galaxy were charting a course to converge. These asteroids were all that remained of four great ancient civilizations. In each civilization, once their people became adept at magic, a great war would break out to decide who would control it. Ultimately, one group of magic users would decide they knew best and perform a ritual that would destroy their world. However, because this ritual was so powerful, the remnants of these planets contained a strong concentration of this magic. One group destroyed their world with the elements, one group spread a deadly plague that made everything on the planet shrivel and crumble apart, another group channeled ancient magics that was said to only be able to be wielded by gods to shatter their world, and finally, the last group allowed nature to consume their planet until the roots grew so deep they tore the planet apart.

The true nature of gods can only really be theorized. No one that isn’t a god can even begin to fathom where gods come from and why they take a vested interest in the planet of their formation. However, what is known is that whenever powerful magic is subject to a strong enough catalyst, it creates a series of events that makes a planet hospitable to a god. There is much debate in the magical community that this magic is what actually coalesces into a god. Others believe that the god has always existed and this magic allows it to cross over into the realm. What is known is that the gods built the planet Galevyn as we know it. While little is known about the four ancient civilizations that crashed together to form Galevyn, what is known is that the massive magical energy in this collision created a planet so dense in magic that it paved the way for four separate gods from the very beginning of the planet. These are those first four initial gods.

Hwedo, the Dragon-God of Life: The first god to emerge from the ashes was Hwedo, the Dragon-God of Life. He most often presents himself to his followers as a large, snake-like reptile with broad, rainbow-colored wings. Anyone that claims to see him has said they could not describe how large he was because they had never seen anything so vast in this world to compare him to. The first species to inhabit the planet of Galevyn are the Hwedo channeled the elemental magic from the planet to create four distinctly different kinds of dragons. One type of dragon for each element (water, fire, air, earth). The dragons helped Hwedo shape the planet into something more livable for other creatures. The water dragons filled the oceans. The earth dragons shaped the planet into the mountain structures that still exist to this day. The fire dragons heated the planets inner rock to make it molten, which provides sources of heat. The air dragons worked together to provide such a strong current that it would create the wind system. Hwedo is also responsible for creating the other dragonic species on Galevyn, the Dragonkin and the Kobolds.

Quietus, the Goddess of Death: It is impossible for four magical civilizations to fully collapse without an aspect of death emerging. Quietus presents herself as a humanoid coyote to any that have reason for her to visit. Quietus guides her followers to respect death in all its forms. She believes that death is beautiful and works to find the most appropriate use for each individual in the afterlife. Quietus does not find necromancy as disrespectful to the dead, she believes that it can provide a purpose for the souless vessel remaining on Galevyn. On the newly formed island of Yokuatsu, Quietus created a race of humanoid animals called the Yokai. The Yokai are especially adept at magic and were instructed to help those near the end of their life. Later, whenever it became clear that there were those trying to pervert the domain of Quietus, she created a species that could keep the planet in check. A race of Changeling assassins settled on the hidden island of Aristogen. Quietus would note leaders responsible for large populations to an early death and directly instruct the Changeling Collective to remove the target.

Kawma, the God of Nature: In great tragedy, there is also great love. Kawma emerged from the intense feelings of grief and compassion that had become a part of the four asteroids. Kawma used this love to create beauty on the newly formed planet. Grasses sprung throughout the fields, flowers bloomed across the planet, and strong trees sprouted out of the ground. Kawma knew that there would need to be people that could be caretakers of this magnificence. He created the strong orcs as caretakers of the trees. They were instructed to keep them trimmed and ensure their roots could continue spreading. Kawma also created the goblins. The goblins were instructed to use the flowers and roots scattered across the globe to find productive uses for it. The goblins learned how to create potions for healing, recreation and enhancement. 
Estel, the Goddess of Balance: Over time, it became clear that the humanoid populations of Galevyn were not equal. Estell emerged from this injustice. The orcs and dragonkin were incredibly physically strong. The Yokai had inproportional magical aptitude. The goblins were much smarter than the other humoids. Estel decided that something had to be done. She created a species called humans. Humans were given abilities that were exactly average of the other species. They had the potential to be physically strong, magically adept, and mentally smart. However, each skill would need to be developed. Estel scattered the humans across every continent. They used their highly adaptable skills to quickly become parts of the other civilizations.


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