#10: A Letter Concerning the Magic Energy Crisis

My name is Dr. Rowena Zarin, and I am worried about our home. Elven society is wholly built on magic. Our water and temperature control comes from elemental magic. Our public transportation system is dependent on spatial magic. Our entertainment industry heavily relies on illusion magic. All of this could be threatened by the loss of magical energy.

Magical energy is self-renewing; every authority on magical research can agree on this. However, it does not renew at the same speed that we are consuming it. Our population is growing, and our dependence on magic continues to increase, as the Elven Empire should as the inter-realm industrial leader. However, if we continue without exploring other solutions, the problem will only worsen. Magical researchers, such as myself, are actively working on ways to reduce magical energy consumption. I have seen Elves at every class level embrace my new development that replaces the elemental magic used in most cooking devices with a permanent portal to the Fire Realm. These devices limit magic consumption by only requiring a small amount to widen or restrict the size of the portal. However, these minor fixes are not enough.

Wallace Ashiere has argued that this problem isn’t as serious as everyone in the magical research community claims. He has said that magic ebbs and flows and that it is simply in a downswing at the moment. Ashiere would have you all believe that we can continue to live the way that we are living and that our magical energy will never run out. With all due respect to Mr. Ashiere, that is a pedestrian way to look at things. He does not have the credentials or experience that those of us who have studied magic for centuries have developed. It is not a question of opinion, as he claims. It is a question of experience. Mr. Ashiere simply has not presented sufficient or convincing evidence that the magical energy of the Fey Realm can withstand our extensive use of it. Our society needs to understand that whenever someone of Mr. Ashiere’s credentials claims to be an authority, all they can do is state an impassioned opinion. Asking someone like Mr. Ashiere for his thoughts on matters of magical research is like asking a house gnome or field pixie to purchase land. I feel like we can all agree it best that we keep civilians pursuing traditional civilian careers and for the minor fey on the menial tasks that Elves can not be asked to spend time on.

No, we cannot take the views of Mr. Ashiere, or those like him, seriously if we intend to thrive as a nation. Something must be done to address this problem, but what can we do that can actually make a difference. I believe the answer lies in other outside-the-box solutions using spatial magic. While our realm struggles to produce enough magical energy to keep up with the demand of our kingdom, there is another realm out there that contains ample magical energy we could pull from for our needs. We could essentially “mine” magical energy from this realm.

I have done extensive research, and after much trial and error, I believe I have stumbled upon the answer. When I gazed through the portal to this realm, I saw such lush plant life. It would put the Duchy of Spring to shame. This plant life thrives because of the vibrant elemental magic that flows throughout this realm. However, this realm is not only rich in elemental magic. I have personally confirmed that this realm is also capable of spatial, divination, charm, illusion, and transmutation magic. Beyond this, my initial experiments have led me to believe that this realm contains disciplines of magic that Elvenkind has not even discovered yet. The potential of this realm cannot be ignored.

While I have conducted some initial research on this realm, fully exploring an entirely undiscovered realm is not something I am able to undertake alone. I have seen evidence that this realm is home to some sort of indigenous population, and I do not know if they are friendly or even capable of sentient thought. I am writing to the Queen of Summer and the Queen of Winter to request a full team of official researchers to join me in an expedition into this realm. It is my opinion that the future of the Elven race lies in this new realm. Let us explore it together.


Dr. Rowena Zarin


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